Everyone is evacuating Oklahoma!

No one knows where it came from or what it wants but Godzilla has been rampaging through random citys and towns! Everyone near the areas are evacuating as fast as posible. We recomend you leave NOW !!! It's EXACTLY how the comics and shows predicted!

godzilla from google

Godzilla was a mythical or si-fi creature, Until One week ago when the large lizard started running into things. It is about 30 stories tall and three busses wide. Some people speculate that it could be a robot made in a lab or a giant puppet. An expert, Mr.Iknothis has said Uhhh... I dont have the authority to tell you tha- WAIT, No I dont know! DON'T WRITE THAT DOWN!!!

Down town tulsa has been destroyed and is unstable! Do not go near the down town area under any circumstance!
Godzilla leaves radioactive fog like clouds in his wake.
And thats all we have on the story so far.